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PCD tools processing - Vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel

2017-12-28 17:39:34

The vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel solves lots of problems in many industries processing, especially in PCD tools grinding and sharpening. It gives very good grinding efficiency that we can reduce grinding circle; it meets our demands for smooth and good cutting edge quality.


Compare to resin bond diamond grinding wheel, our vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel can help you save up to 35% grinding cost, save much grinding time, and the precision is also high.


When applies to PCD tools grinding, it shows advantages of sharp, high grinding efficiency, long working life, less heat generating and easy to dress. Thanks to these advantages, it is also used in tungsten carbide, PCBN, ceramic, cermet sharpening and resharpening.


More Super Hard can offer vitrified bond diamond grinding wheel with diameter 8—750mm, thickness 1-300mm, customized size is welcomed.



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