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cylindrical diamond wheel for PCD chamfer grinding

2018-07-30 17:25:49

MORE Cylindrical Diamond Wheels For PCD Chamfer Grinding Have Passed The Clients Trial And Can Definitely Match With 3M'wheel. And Our Price Is More Competitive Compare With 3M's Wheel


* Good News The Third Trial Wheel Performed Successfully We Completed Four Blocks With 2.5mm Removal Of Diamond Cutters, Eight Grinding Passes In Total, The Operator Was More Than Happy With The Quality Of The Finish- from UK Client

* It Was Very Similar But Our Price Is A Little Better So It Makes Better Sense -From UK Client

Description Of Cylindrical Vitrified Diamond Wheels

Cylindrical Diamond Grinding Wheels For PCD Tools Grinding ( Such As, PCD Profile Cutters, PCD Reamers ,PCD Milling Cutters And PDC Cutters, Etc).

With Good Surface Finish After Grinding And High Efficiency .Compared With Resin Diamond Grinding Wheel, Vitrified Bond Wheels Lead To 35% Grinding Cost Reduced, 40% Grinding Time Of Each PDC Saved, And The Size Precision Of PDC Improved (From ±0.03mm To ±0.01mm).

cylindrical diamond wheel, 14A1 diamond wheel



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