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Brazing processing of PCD inserts - high frequency induction brazing machine

2018-02-27 10:37:42

The high frequency induction brazing machine has advantages of the induction heating speed, high efficiency, energy saving and low cost, the small oxidation area and the full solid welding, etc.

The brazing processing of PCD & PCBN inserts:

Step 1: Welding preparation

Welding powder, silver & copper foil , Pcd & Pcbn blanks, cutter body .

Between the cutter body and Pcd and Pcbn blanks put into the silver & copper foil and silver & copper powder .

*CBN Inserts with copper foil , 800~900℃

*PCD Inserts with silver foil , 750℃

brazing PCD and PCBN inserts

Step 2 : High frequency induction welding machine

high frequency induction brazing machine

Step 3 : Welding
Opening the water and electricity of high frequency welding machine . Then opening the panel and putting the cutter body into the sensor, pressing the remote control switch, starting heating. When the workpiece is heated to 830-860 ℃, copper foil melting and filling weld. Finally, pressing the "Stop" button to stop heating.
induction brazing PCD and PCBN inserts



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